In the well of understanding

In the well of understanding

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Disquiet at our power

I hear the night song of the cicadas;
I hear the lamentations of my soul;
I hear the disquiet of an uncertain world
amidst the cawing of the traditional order;
we are not too few to bring change
but too many not to realize it

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Running in the Patient Morning Hours

In the stillness of your breath,
under the crepe silk of your jet skin
my solitude is met in its quest:
when I would ask less of myself -
when I would allow fear to strand me
on the barren marl of grainy doubt -
your tranquil susurrations minister
to the lime-strewn valves of my heart
and the sweat-streaked muscles exerting,
"Keep moving, Son of Eve"
And just as I crest over the apex,
beginning the descent towards the glint
of the incipient dawn, of gilded transit,
your chill-tinged arms embrace my dream,
more than a friend, more than a lover,
quelling disquiet, returning me once more
to the choice of possibilities
and the boundless expanse of all that is