In the well of understanding

In the well of understanding

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Simplicity and Conveyance

I adore the lushness of Romantic poetry, and it moves me in ways which few in this modern time can appreciate; but their is power of expression also in succinctness. None exemplifies this better than the work of Jacques Prévert. As with my homage to Baudelaire, I have selected an exquisite piece of Prévert's oeuvre and written a response which captures the perspective from a different angle.

Last Breakfast

She pulsed the grinder
powdering the beans
She poured the dust
into the shiny press
She added the water
to the kettle
She lit the gas
fire under the kettle
And sat back to wait
Her eyes speaking volumes
She folded the towel
She creased the edges
with corniced flourishes
She tapped the press
absently clinking
Her eyes speaking volumes
Her gaze elsewhere
She poured the water
She depressed the dome
into the glass
She waited
She lifted the press
Because it was ready
She dispensed
liquid into the cup
Her lips motionless
Her eyes speaking volumes

She sipped
never seeing him
and she
She walked away
out the door
out of his arms
never glancing back
to what was behind