In the well of understanding

In the well of understanding

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Celebration of Life and Dance

In darkness it is the flare of the drum

which pulses life, brighter than the flames

of fire ringed about: it is the seminal voice;

as the beating of wings it blazes outward,

inaugurating the call to unsteady limbs,

come one, come all – let joy commence

Brother leg speaks to Sister foot, rousing

and conjoining, bestirring to the beckoning,

never you mind the weariness of day

Cousin toe tells Uncle heel, throw off cares,

well worn worry has no claim when

Mother rhythm sounds her summons, breaks

the stillness into which we settle, to hibernate away

step lively now and mind that you attend

Father Vigor's invitation to the banquet,

hear the bustling reeds, the flourishing branches,

the kingly courting of the lion, the majestic rush

of wind born on the tongue of the parrot,

see the owl swoop, utter its aria as the prey

rings out a threnody, brief ecstasy of ending

a splash of sound declaring the opening

here we go, whispers Aunt thigh to Baby joint,

into the assemblage, gathering momentum

first the clapping of hands, followed closely

by the thumping of feet, enlivened heartbeat

chased at a rush by quickened blood, throbbing

animal cries mingled with human yearning

the frenzied abandon of Dance materializes

all succumb to the sensual appeal, love unfurls

lovers intertwine, mothers sway and fathers swagger

the village of the world worships as one, receiving

the blessing of vivacity, free of burden, remembering

that all is briskness and movement -

con brio, amore; con brio, il mio cuore