In the well of understanding

In the well of understanding

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Day of Living

Frustration bristles,like unruly hair
messy and tangled, an annoying menace
too much work here, too little pleasure there
the right mind gifted to the wrong heart
family nominally but strangers in reality
effort given to elusive success,
sloughing off despair, half asleep
slurping the morning coffee, berating tea
the endless mountain of meetings
followed by the empty landscape of endeavor
gym-toned, perspiring useless hope
And all these moments are the windows of Life

Friday, July 24, 2009

Declined Access: Healthcare

I have listened as the healthcare debate raged back and forth over the past two weeks. And it seems that the scare tactic being utilized to block a public option is the question of cost. Now while I would not advocate spending willynilly, it does strike me as ironic that whenever the issue of paying for those necessary social goods which ultimately benefit the society as a whole, the specter of expense is resurrected to haunt the halls of public conscience. Curiously, this spook never raises its head when the military budget is up, or when voting for financial support of some rogue national power whose agenda benefits U.S. aims, despite said polity's lean away from democratic rule. But the reality of day should surface and banish the lingering shades of doubt: what is requisite for life - for all members of our community - should never take a backseat to the potentiality of debt. After all, whether or not, a public option is passed the healthcare industry is headed towards an explosive implosion due to unwieldy expense and an overrated fee structure. Will our elected officials have the courage to exorcise the demons laying waste to the commonweal or shall we succumb to despair and sever our limbs in a futile attempt to preserve the body?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beginnings of a short story: Gathering The Tribe

This week sees the initiation of short story installments on my blog. For the first one I have selected a contemporary topic.

On the eve of a Presidential election, two U.S. Senators in separate locations awaited returns. Both had engaged in the fray of politics, though one lacked the years of experience of the other; and both, while playing to their constituencies, had advocated lies. Of course, neither considered them untruths but a matter of expediency to whatever end they deemed appropriate. And in doing so they continued the grand tradition, the inalienable pageantry, from which American Presidents arose.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fragments of Father

Two years have given us the full measure, and still the hole left by my father's loss gapes. In reaching for the memories sometimes it feels like trying to capture rain, and the realization dawns that each drop is its own precious keepsake:

Sunset & Shadows

Indeterminate memories surface
on the rim of sundown's flange,
murky is the mind's eye, misted,
recall's uncertain grasp steadies
the fog, uncoiling Time, untwining
inaudible is the voice, cloistered
nubilous the final image, obscured
all I can reclaim, across distance,
is a prosaic portrait, near trivial,
of a young son with father, clasped,
warmed in the shadows of closing day

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer's Pear

Hugo, your continued inspiration flowers:

Luxuriant as honey, sweet as figs
my pear tree - Pereira - flourishes
bursting in darkness, white blossoms
against hardy brown wood, branching
into gray eyes and fruity fuzz,
swathed in the pinnate silk of Love

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Span of Love

For Hugo

Our impassioned words are a bridge
across which our hearts travel,
ushered into wondrous assignation

Monday, July 6, 2009

Yearning: Poetic Murmurings

I awoke this morning,
and like the settling dew
upon sun-kissed yellow roses,
my body sought immersion
in the warm folds of your arms